Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteers are paid employees of a company who, with the support and encouragement of their employers, are involved in some form of community based volunteer activity. Corporate volunteering can also be referred to as employee volunteering or employer-sponsored volunteering.

Corporate volunteering benefits businesses in many ways. By volunteering you are engaging in a low-cost, short-term, low risk and high impact way of making the knowledge, skills and experience of your business sector accessible to your non-profit sector. This adds to your businesses overall profile and image within the community by improving staff morale and motivation, building understanding and employee skills.

Employees who volunteer can gain numerous skills, in planning, budgeting, communication, accountability, reporting, organisational time management and more.

It helps employees to find personal fulfilment, renewed appreciation for teamwork and satisfaction with their work, all while increasing their sense of community and social obligation.

Contact us for a corporate membership pack, available from our Volunteer Membership Officer. The pack includes information on:

    • How to start.
    • Why get involved.
    • Membership structure.
    • Corporate social responsibility.
    • Membership registration form.
    • Membership benefits.
    • Volunteer Position Description template.