Benefits of Volunteering

Would you like to acquire new skills? Meet new people? Find new and interesting ways to use your pre-existing talents? Help others? Experience new challenges?  Try Volunteering!

Benefits of volunteering include:

Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer.

•  96% of volunteers say that it “makes people happier”.

•  95% of volunteers say that “volunteering is related to feelings of wellbeing”.

•  Volunteering results in a “helper’s high”, a powerful physical and emotional feeling experienced when directly helping others.

•  Just a few hours of volunteer work makes a difference in happiness and mood.

•  Sustained volunteering is associated with better mental health.

•  Altruistic emotions and behaviours are associated with greater well-being, health, and longevity.

•  A strong correlation exists between the well-being, happiness, health, and longevity of people who are emotionally kind and compassionate in their charitable helping activities.

•  The experience of helping others provides meaning, a sense of self-worth, a social role and health enhancement.

•  Volunteering is highly associated with greater health and happiness.

SOURCE: Volunteering Australia Fun Facts

For Centrelink job seekers this is a great way to increase your networks and social circles.

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