CALD Services Guide

The Albury and Wodonga CALD Services Guide is an information guide for working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) clients.

The Department of Aging, Disability and Home Care (DADHC) in partnership with the Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau recognises the need for agencies and services in the local area to have access to information that will support and assist them in providing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse clients with appropriate and equitable service access and service provision.

The purpose of this resource is to present a cultural information tool that can be easily accessed to provide local connections and information when working with clients from the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse target group.

It is essential that we value and acknowledge the differences in all cultures, meet the needs individually and gain an understanding of what supports and services they may require and what information and resources are available to be able to develop the most appropriate service plan with them.

The aim of this resource:
  • To assist and support the networking of agencies within the Albury Wodonga area and to provide relevant information about the key contacts, services and supports currently offering services and supports to CALD communities.
  • To provide information and contact details for organisations and government departments who can assist services in Albury and Wodonga with information and resources that can be utilised at the local level.
  • To provide information to assist organisations and agencies to be better culturally aware and prepared to be more effective in providing appropriate services to the current CALD community and the new and emerging cultural groups.

And last but not least a request that the user informs us of changing information.

Information in the CALD Services Guide :

Albury Wodonga Community Guide

For information on the following ethno specific services (click on link below)

  • Albury Wodonga South African Group
  • Albury Wodonga Thai Community Group
  • Community Relations Commission of NSW
  • Lao Community of Albury Wodonga and District
  • Albury Wodonga Indian Australian Association
  • Association of Ukrainians in Victoria (Wodonga Branch)
  • Filipino Australian Community of Albury Wodonga Inc (FACAW)
  • Wodonga TAFE – English Support in Training
  • Wodonga Australian Croatian Club Inc.
  • Albury Wodonga Aus-Bangla Community
  • Albury Wodonga Ethnic Communities Council Inc.

Multicultural Support / Settlement Officers

Currency of Information
To maintain the currency of the resource information please notify the Multicultural Settlement officer who will add new or updated information as required.

Settlement Team Leader – Diana Elliott
Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau
Phone: 0260 210 990

Cultural Exchange Project Coordinator – Lou Newman
Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau
Phone: 0260 210 990


While the information contained in this document has been prepared with all due care for the benefit of the user, Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau does not warrant or make any representation in relation to its accuracy. The information is made available on the understanding that Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau shall have no liability for any loss whatsoever that might arise as a result of use of the information by the reader or any third parties who receive the information directly or indirectly. It is the user’s responsibility to make their own investigations, decisions and enquiries about the information.