Way2Go Toolkit

The purpose of the toolkit is to:

Way2Go volunteering toolkit

  • provide information and tools for the development and management of volunteer programs
  • provide generic information for the development of policy and processes that are compliant with National Standards, and
  • provide a toolkit that can be easily adapted and amended to suit individual needs of organisations.

The policies, processes and forms meet with National Standards for involving volunteers in not-for-profit organisations. These standards are what Volunteering Australia regards as best practice in the management of volunteers.

This information has been designed and developed in consultation with members of the Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau and the Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership team.

This toolkit can be of value to organisations that are setting up a volunteer program or to those that already have a program in place.

It aims to guide organisations in best practice when working with volunteers, in keeping with the National Standards for Involving Volunteers.

It has been designed to be of use to both small organisations with only a few volunteers and large organisations with many volunteers.

Outcomes to date include:
  • Over 2,500 volunteer managers and coordinators using the Tool kit.
  • This in effect has impacted on managing 15,000 plus volunteers.

Volunteer Centres, councils, hospitals, sports clubs and not-for-profit organisations across Victoria, NSW, SA, Qld, Tas, & WA are using the same methods and tools, creating a sense of unity and consistency giving volunteers professional and generic processes no matter where they volunteer.

The development of a volunteer program has three stages:
1 : Before volunteers are brought into the program:
  1. Development of the programlights
    • Planning
    • Develop documentation
  2. Recruitment of volunteers
    • Advertising
    • Recruiting
  3. Interviewing and selection of volunteers
    • Interviewing
    • Selection process
    • Choice made
2 : During the time volunteers are part of the program:
  1. Induction and orientation of volunteers
    • Induction
    • Commence role
  2. Supervision, support and management of volunteers
    • Supporting
    • Managing challenges
  3. Training of volunteers
    • Develop training
    • Essential training
    • Ongoing training
  4. Maximising retention of volunteers
    • Effective process
    • Recognition and rewards
3 : After volunteers leave the program:
  1. Resignation and dismissal of volunteers
    • Resignation
    • Dismissal
    • Exit interview
  2. Continuous improvement of volunteer programs
    • Continuous
    • Methods of evaluation
    • Responding to evaluation

Toolkit, training orders and information

  • $299 for face to face workshop and access to online Volunteers Managers Training and Resource Toolkit with minimum 10 participants
  • $199 to purchase access to online Volunteers Managers Training and Resource Toolkit with staff support
  • Specific training as needed can be negotiated – will travel anywhere. Give us a call.
  • $199 to purchase a hard copy manual with disc of  Volunteers Managers Training and Resource Toolkit

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